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Mass Spec Repair & Service Care

Service Care

MS Tech Solutions Service Care offers:

  • Preventative maintenance 

  • Emergency service visits

  • Remote engineer service support through Team Viewer

Service Care Plus

MS Tech Solutions Service Care Plus provides the same support as MS Tech Solutions Service Care with the following additions:

  • Replacement Parts & Consumables

Supported Mass Spectrometers


  • Autospec/Premier

  • GCT/Premier

  • LCT/Premier

  • QToF/QToF2/Ultima/Premier


  • SDQ

  • Quattro LC/Ultima/Platinum/Micro/Premier

  • ZQ

  • ZMD

Plus all legacy instrumentation


  • Saturn 2000

Thermofisher Scientific

  • MD800/Voyager/Trace MS

  • GCQ/Polaris Q

  • LCQ

  • LTQ Orbitrap

  • Quantum

  • Navigator AQA/MSQ

  • DSQ

  • Trace GC

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