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i4 CNC

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i4 CNC production facilities offer a total project management to the supply chain and evolving industry 4.0 network.

The brand offers scalability from drawing concept and prototyping, to high volume throughput of standardised components. 

Specialising in the CNC fabrication of precision components, our brand manufactures for industry sectors that include the scientific community, defence, nuclear, automotive, aerospace, medical, maritime, oil and gas. 

Staffed by physicists, chemists, drafters and engineers, our external global stakeholders include OEM's, independent industry, academia and government entities. 

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Services we offer


CNC Milling


Conventional Milling


Drilling & Tapping


CNC Turning


Conventional Turning


Metal Cutting

Other Services include:

Grinding, Plating, Welding, Laser Cutting, Fasteners, Gear Cutting, Key Ways, Heat Treatment, Tooling, Bearings, Belts etc

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Utilising a wealth of industry experience and knowledge within a variety of diverse quality critical sectors, coupled with the required compliance to meet industry standards, i4 CNC has the capability and approvals to supply complex components in a variety of exotic materials, to customer specification, on time and right first time.

Additionally i4 CNC, whilst understanding the general and routine compliance requirements relating to component supply, we also understand each industry sector specific requirements relating to compliance (material/process cross contamination, special process validation etc) and possess full appreciation of the ultimate end user requirements.

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