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Mass Spec Benches

x150 range banner.png

A Compact Solution for HPLC/GC instrumentation allowing laboratories to optimise their floor space. 150kg Safe Weight Load Certified.

X-150 Range

x200 range banner.png

The MS Lab Systems entry level option for laboratory environments with limited space and instruments of a smaller size. 200kg Safe Weight Load Certified.

X-200 Range

x300 range banner.png

The MS Lab Systems intermediate level bench, universally suitable to support the majority of laboratory instruments. 300kg Safe Weight Load Certified.

X-300 Range

x500 range banner.png

Robust and versatile, our X500 range of MS bench systems are designed to easily support all desktop laboratory instrumentation without compromising the manoeuvrability of the unit. 500kg Safe Weight Load Certified.

X-500 Range

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