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i4 CNC is an innovative British aerospace CNC machining manufacturer based in Manchester in the North West of the United Kingdom. We work with a growing variety of state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, component types, and materials for flight vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a one-off service or batch aerospace manufacturing, i4 CNC are perfectly placed to deliver impeccably designed and manufactured components to your exact specifications.

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As leading UK medical device manufacturers and CNC machining experts, i4 CNC is the ideal choice for your contract and subcontract medical device manufacturing requirements. 

Our team of precision engineers are therefore well versed in stringent compliance requirements, the necessity for adherence to close tolerance work, and a strong understanding of end user requirements for surgeons and patients alike.

We are proud to work with our medical engineering clients as contract and subcontract machinists at many key stages, as this ensures a systematic approach to quality and risk management for the devices we are involved in creating.

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i4 CNC possess a wealth of expertise within a diverse range of engineering sectors where key factors such as quality, on-time delivery and price are recognised as being major contributors to the success of any supply chain relationship.

Whilst all these factors remain equally and vitally important, i4 CNC and the XWAME Group Ltd. recognise that the latter component, cost, has become of primary focus, particularly when taking into consideration the current global economic conditions coupled with the need to sustain an elite presence within the defence engineering arena.

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i4 CNC is fully aware of the importance and criticality of the individual components and assemblies which must be able to withstand the extreme and harsh environments that their application demands within the oil and gas industry sector.


Environmental factors such as pressure, corrosion, tidal surge and indeed the costs associated with installation, repair and maintenance are recognised as being operationally critical, as is the awareness to ensure that components and assemblies are manufactured to customer specification, first time every time, and on time.

Oil and Gas
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i4 CNC and the XWAME Group Ltd. expertise and pool of talented engineers, coupled with operational flexibility and technological cross-functional capability, means that we are able to operate across numerous industry sectors where component criticality and longevity is at the forefront including the Marine sector.

As with component and assembly supply to the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, it is recognised that the marine industry depends on and dictates a 'right first time’ approach and hence why i4 CNC are well placed to make the cross-over between these diverse but also closely related industry sectors.

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i4 CNC recognises the importance of renewable energy, its global importance in the sustainability of stable economies and the environmental impact that the use of renewable energy provides.

Whilst possessing the capabilities, expertise and systems to be able to contribute, we also recognise the impact, however small, they are making to the global economy and to the environment itself. We acknowledge that a huge part of the future involves renewables.

Renewable Energy


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