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Refurbished AutoSpec Instruments

XWAME Group Ltd offer refurbished Waters Micromass Autospec instrumentation through the MS Tech Solutions division.

XWAME Group Ltd AutoSpec refurbishment procedure

XWAME Group Ltd refurbish every AutoSpec to the highest standards.

XWAME Group Initial Tests symbol.png

Initial Tests

All AutoSpec instruments that come into us for refurbishment are PAT tested to ensure electrical safety. We then run basic checks to establish the current operational capacity of the instrument

XWAME Group Service Procedure symbol.png

XWAME AutoSpec Service Procedure

Once confirmed as operational, we then carry out our comprehensive AutoSpec service procedures.

This is to ensure the instrument is fully functioning and up to date. This ensures a lower risk of breakdown.

XWAME Group Consumable Parts Replaced symbol.png

Consumable Parts Replaced

If required, then worn, end-of-life consumable parts are replaced.

This helps bring the instrument up our standards that we expect to have with a refurbished AutoSpec instrument.

XWAME Group Performance Testing symbol.png

AutoSpec Performance Testing

Instruments are then performance tested to ensure they are fit for purpose.

The tests are a mixture of XWAME Group performance tests and original manufacturer tests that match our Used | Refurbished | XWAME Group Approved standards.

Test data is then recorded and stored.

XWAME Group Approved symbol.png

XWAME Group Approved

As soon as a fully refurbished AutoSpec is fully operational and performing optimally, we then give the instrument our seal of approval.

The instrument is then prepared for dispatch, and ready to ship along with our standard warranty.

Get the same results for a lower investment

XWAME Group Ltd supply refurbished Waters Micromass AutoSpec instruments that achieve the results you want without detriment to quality.


All Instruments come with warranty

XWAME Group Approved

Approved by experienced engineers

Custom Solutions

Your needs come first


More eco-friendly than buying new


Installed in your lab by our engineers

Enquire about our refurbished AutoSpec instruments

If you would like to enquire about a refurbished AutoSpec instrument from XWAME Group Ltd, call us today or fill out the contact form below. 

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