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Mass Spec Lab Bench Accessories

Monitor and Keyboard arm

  • Meets VESA standard 75mm × 75mm or 100mm × 100mm

  • With C-clamp mounting bracket which can be a wall mounting, too.

  • Hold LCD monitor or up to 10kgs.

  • Colour is light grey

Monitor Keyboard arm.png

Gas cylinder holder

  • MS Lab Systems Bench attachment for the safe storage of gas cylinders

Gas cylinder holder.png

Vacuum Pump pull out tray

  • Prevent the spreading of oil leaks by limiting them to the vacuum pump roll out tray

  • This solutions offers easier and safer service access for your vacuum pump system

vacuum pump pull out tray.png

Waste reagent holder

  • Single place open type bottle carrier with handle

waste reagent holder.png

Under-desk keyboard and mouse arm

  • Holder can be easily installed underneath the worktop of MS Lab System benches allowing for a larger workspace on the worktop of the bench

  • Entire keyboard surface can be hidden away if not required

Under desk keyboard arm.png

Under-desk keyboard and mouse drawer

  • Enables you to set the ideal working height, essential for an economic setup

  • The whole unit can be slid under the MS Lab Bench system out of the way as safe storage

Under desk Keyboard and Mouse area.png

8 X UK Socket bank

  • Standard UK 8X socket bank

  • Surge Protected

8 X UK Socket Bank.png

8 X EU Socket bank

  • Standard EU 8X socket bank

  • Surge protected

8 X EU Socket Bank.png

6 X EU Socket Bank

  • Standard EU 6X socket bank

  • Surge protected

6 X EU Socket Bank.png
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